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Welcome to The Doll Room By Tina

Tina Fujihara, fellow lash artist and lash educator, is the owner and founder of The Doll Room HNL. Her idea behind "The Doll Room" was to create a space where she could pursue her passion for beauty while also making women feel more confident in themselves with lashes. As an established educator, she also wanted  a space where beauty students could grow their skills with 1-on-1, hands-on training. 

The Doll Room has been open for 4 years and throughout these years, Tina has had many goals in building her brand and business. Now that she has established herself as a lash artist and also an educator, her next goal is to provide the lash artists on O'ahu with quality lashes and lash application products! Through years of working in this industry, Tina understands what is needed for a lash and tweezer to be a "good lash" or a "good tweezer". With much trial and error, she creates products that will increase ease of lash application, while also creating lash fans like butter!

Tina grew up in the small town of Wahiawa, O'ahu. From childhood, she was always interested in beauty, however, her parents did not believe it would be a stable career. So, she decided to go take courses in dental coordination/insurance coordination which she worked in for 10 years! Being burnt out from my 9-5 Tina decided to pursue her passions and that's how
The Doll Room began!

Tina always wanted to be her own boss and start her own business. After graduating from beauty school Tina made it a goal to focus on building her own brand and company. She enjoyed lashes and had a friend who had been in the industry previously. Tina's friend was a large component to the beginnings of The Doll Room and the inspiration to become a lash artist.

Tina wants to be THAT inspiration for other girls/women that would like to get into the beauty space. That was the whole idea behind starting up lash workshops. Once you have completed beauty school, you would be able to come to a lash workshop to get different levels of hands-on training and shadowing to help move you forward in pursuing your beauty goals.

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Now that Tina has established herself as a lash artist and educator, her next goal is to provide top quality lashes and products to artists here in Hawai'i. After much trial and error with lash extensions and tweezers, Tina has finally created products that she is confident will increase ease of lash application. The lashes FAN. LIKE. BUTTER.

She also wanted to make every lash artist feel good about their work (beginner or professional). It was her mission to create lashes that easily created volume fans and, and fan like butter! If her lashes could make an artist feel this way, Tina is happy! In the future, she does plan to offer more services – such as brow waxing, tinting and lamination. Keep an eye out for a possible brow collection coming soon!

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